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"A definite game-changer for me." - Incoming Summer Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch



My name is Aurelian Tran. I’m an ex-Financial Analyst who has spent the last four years working for world-class investment banks and hedge funds, including Goldman Sachs, Lansdowne Partners, Lazard, and Goetzpartners.
At Goldman Sachs, I worked on the European Tech sector, covering blue-chip names such as Ericsson, Logitech, and Nokia. 

I also worked on mid-cap M&A healthcare transactions during my time at the German investment bank Goetzpartners, which I joined after a first internship at Lazard in France. 

It might seem impressive said like this. 

But it hasn’t always been the case

Only a few years back, I was rotting alone in my small, 9-square metre student room, sending 25 applications per day. 

I hadn’t much of a social life. Applying to finance jobs was pretty much the only thing I was doing.

The problem is: I couldn't get any interviews

I sent hundreds of applications, written dozens of cover letters tailored to each and every bank to prove my motivation, and sent my CV to more people than I can count...

But no matter how hard I tried, no one would answer me. 

No call from recruiters. No email. No anything. It truly felt like talking to a wall…

And then one day, after months of hard work, I got lucky and was invited to a first-round M&A interview at a small investment banking boutique in the West of France. 

But being completely unprepared on the technical side, I got rejected… 

The interview was a massacre.

And then for over four long months, I couldn’t even get one interview. It felt like crossing the desert. 

The only time I would hear from recruiters was when I received those automatic rejection emails, politely telling me that I didn't make the cut to join their ranks.

If you’ve applied to bulge-bracket banks already, you probably know what I’m talking about... 

You know, this kind of emails:
Now, I’m not going to lie: it was really depressing

I know it might sound like a cliché, but I did have extremely high ambitions for my career. I wanted nothing but the very best.

And I knew deep down that I had the potential to join the most prestigious investment banks out there. 

But no one was willing to give me a chance to prove my worth...

And the fact is, if I’m being completely honest with myself: no one could blame these top finance recruiters for rejecting me

After all, I was just an average student coming from a non-target school (I couldn’t even find my school’s name in the drop-down menu of JPM’s application portal…), with zero experience, and average grades. 

On paper, my profile was boring and weak, and banks had no reason to recruit me.

So how did I do it? 

What kind of obscure magic did I use to find my very first internship at Lazard despite having a near-worthless CV, before joining the mighty Goldman Sachs as a full-time Analyst?

Stay with me for a few seconds, and I'll tell you exactly how I did it...

In a rush? Skip my story and go straight to the course overview:

By networking with investment bankers in London, I ended up meeting a mentor, who had over a decade of experience at top-tier investment banks and hedge funds, including BAML, Evercore, and Citadel. 

If you read the financial news frequently, you may have seen his name already as he was interviewed several times by the Financial Times and Bloomberg to share his views on tech European equities. 
One of the very first things my mentor explained to me that it was very hard to win interviews at top-tier investment banks when you don't come from a "target" school

Because bulge-bracket banks can afford to pick candidates almost exclusively from elite universities. 

I did some research online to find out if this was true. And it turns out he was right: 


of new recruits at Goldman Sachs in the UK come from Russell Group Universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, and the LSE. 

Source: SHL data

“95 percent of our intake is from the top-five business schools. We create inequity in the process by doing this. There may be really good candidates out there, but it’s not worth the investment on our part to spend a lot of resources looking for them when we have a very good pool that’s easy to reach.”

Senior Investment Banking recruiter, in an interview for Harvard Business Review

It was very discouraging to hear those facts, especially coming from the mouth of a veteran investment banker who knows how IBD recruitment works inside out... 

But I didn't stop there... I asked him:

"So what can I do if I don't come from a target university? Is there any way I can still get invited to interviews at firms like JP Morgan, even if I don't have the right school brand on my CV?"

He told me: "Yes, it's possible. But for that you'll need a good referral."

If you’re like me at the time, you probably have no idea of what it is. So let me explain it very simply:

A referral is when someone who has sufficient power within a firm endorses your application internally, leading HR to put you on the list of “shortlisted candidates”

"If you obtain a good enough referral, you are virtually guaranteed to be invited for an interview, no matter how selective the investment bank is," he told me. 

According to IB recruitment executives, over 80% of jobs are filled via referrals. And yet at the time, I had no idea it worked that way…

How referrals work:

Let me ask you a question: 

Do you know someone who is not particularly good in finance, nor particularly bright, but who somehow managed to secure interviews at prestigious investment banks like Morgan Stanley or Credit Suisse ? 

Well, if that’s the case, you can be almost certain that this person got a strong referral, whether she knows it or not. 

Someone working for the bank, pushing his application in the inside…

So, when my mentor told me the truth about referrals, I bombarded him with questions. 

I wanted to know EVERYTHING:

How to contact investment bankers, and how to convince them to give me a referral… so that I could finally be invited for interviews.

He gave me a ton of invaluable advice, and he did so in an extremely effective manner. 

He basically downloaded a decade of knowledge about financial recruitment into my brain. 

All the best networking strategies, all the key relationship rules that every candidate must know, and even examples of questions to ask insiders to "put them in your pocket" so that they can help you get on the shortlist…
Then, I applied everything he told me like a good soldier. 

To be fair, it wasn’t an easy battle… Some pieces of advice didn’t seem to work, at least for me. 

But by implementing everything he taught me, I did notice that some strategies were able to get me insider referrals almost systematically - so I kept using them and refining them over time.

After weeks of consistent practice and experimentation, I ended up building an entire cold emailing and networking system to generate insider referrals with very high consistency

I called it the "insider referral system".

With this powerful system, I would easily fire 80-100 cold emails per day, with each email specifically designed to get me referrals fast, and hence quickly land interviews at the very best investment banks in the world.

Within less than three weeks using this "insider referral system", interviews started raining from everywhere… 

I got invited to first rounds at Berenberg, UBS, Citi, Barclays, Exane, Rothschild, Fundsmith, Prudential, Goldman Sachs, and many other top banks and investment firms. 

Including smaller boutiques that many students don’t know about, but which are just as respected by industry insiders, such as Redburn, Panmure Gordon, and Bryan Garnier.

For the first time in my life as a student, who used to be completely ignored by recruiters, I had the feeling of walking on water… 

With this replicable networking system in my hands, I felt like literally anything was possible, even with a mediocre CV like mine.

Stay with me for a moment and you'll know everything about it.

How I used this networking “war machine” to break into the most prestigious investment bank in the world...

There are two main reasons why this networking system is so ruthlessly effective: 
  • The emails I sent were extremely persuasive - every word I used was designed to bring me closer to a referral; 
  • The sheer volume of daily emails sent was so high that it was statistically bound to create positive responses.
Let’s say you’re sending 80 emails per day, you get a 40% open rate, and a 10-12% response rate. That means you can expect at least 8 responses (by being very conservative). 

Out of these 8 responses from investment bankers, 3 of them are telling you they’re not looking for interns, 3 others are saying that they’ll pass your CV along (which may be treated as an indirect referral), and 2 of them will refer you directly - leading to an interview a few days later.

It’s not magic. It’s mathematics.
Illustrative example of the cold emailing system. This is not a promise of results in any kind, but a specific example designed to illustrate what type of outcomes may be achieved with this system.
The best part? All the system can be used nearly fully automatically, and it only takes 15-20 minutes a day to send all these targeted emails. 

That means that by spending less than 20 minutes per day on applications, I could easily land 2-3 quality interviews per week, without breaking a sweat.

In the busiest periods, I had over 10 interviews per week, including HR phone interviews, video interviews, and on-site meetings with investment banking professionals.

For the average candidate, getting that many interviews can take months… 

But in my case, I could do it in a single week, while spending less time on my applications than my peers!

After a few weeks, I ended up landing my very first internship at Lazard, after refusing two competing offers from top-ranked asset management firms.

All my friends were absolutely shocked. They just couldn't believe their eyes. 

Coming from my background, with zero experience and a "no-name" school, this looked like an impossible feat... 

And yet here I was, ready to sign my first internship offer at Lazard, feeling like a conqueror.  

Using the exact same “insider referral system”, I won a coveted spot in Investment Banking at elite investment bank Goetzpartners. 

A few months after that, also using this system, I landed a full-time Analyst role at Goldman Sachs in London... 
The sentiment of pride I felt when I received the news was more powerful than anything I've ever felt in my life... I was ecstatic!

At this point, I thought: how can it get any better?

The beauty in all of this is that I have nothing special. Really, I don’t. I’ve never been a bright student. 

I come from a non-target school that you’ve probably never heard of. And I started with zero experience...

I just used a smart application strategy that only very few students know how to apply. If I can do it, anybody can.

For the first time, I decided to reveal everything…

Following this unexpected career breakthrough, dozens of students have been contacting me on LinkedIn, asking for my advice on how to break into the most prestigious investment banks in the world.

Many of them were genuinely surprised to see how I could land all these sought-after spots, despite coming from a non-target school that is relatively unknown.

Due to the high demand, I even took a select few students under my wing, sharing my cold emailing & networking system with them, so that they could get the best offers.

Two of my students landed a Summer Internship at Goldman Sachs on the same year, one went to work in macro research at Bank of America, and the others secured internships or graduate roles at top asset management firms, hedge funds, or IB boutiques.

Today, I decided to help as many students as possible reach their most ambitious career goals, by sharing everything I learned about finance recruitment into a comprehensive online programme.

In this online course, I reveal:
  • All the details about the ruthless cold emailing system I personally used to land dozens of interviews at bulge-bracket banks and elite boutiques in record time...
  • All the simple networking tactics I used to convince Managing Directors and other top IBD executives to put my name in the "shortlist" of candidates invited for interviews...
  • ​All the CV and cover letter "hacks" that I've used to rebrand myself as a target candidate (despite coming from a "non-target" school), and pass the resume screening processes with ease...
  • ​All the insider strategies I've used to go from desperate non-target student with zero experience… to full-time analyst at the #1 investment bank in the world.


The Investment Banking Interview Generator ©

By Alpha Lane

The most comprehensive, result-oriented, no-BS programme on the market to win IBD interviews at bulge-bracket investment banks and elite boutiques. Made by former finance professional from:

Highlights of The IB Interview Generator © Include:

Generate multiple interviews at top investment banks on command

Preparing for interviews is great. But first…you have to be invited! And getting interviews at elite places is really hard. You’re about to discover precisely how to generate multiple invitations for IB interviews at top investment banks (regardless of your background)...

 Hack the recruiting processes in your favour using insider networking tactics

Many candidates wonder why they never get called back despite giving their very best…and that’s because they forgot one thing: finance recruiting is a people’s business. With the right contact, you can get ahead of anyone. We show you how to gain the support of influential insiders to bend the recruiting processes in your favour (without leaving your house)…

 Get access to the exact cold email sequences I've used to land multiple interviews at top IBs

Get your hands on the exact cold emails I've sent to win multiple interviews at the world's best investment banks, despite coming from a non-target background. You can literally copy and paste these emails, adjust them with your own name and school, hit send, and see the results coming to your mailbox...

 Build a flawless resume bound to pass CV screens 

Your resume is the cornerstone of all your applications. If you get one thing wrong, even small, you’ll never make it. We show you how to craft a spotless, radically effective resume that is bound to pass the rigorous screens of top banks and investment firms...

 Get recruiters’ answers in days while your competitors are painfully waiting for months…

Most candidates have to wait for weeks and even months to get any answers from banks following their application. That’s because they follow a passive application strategy. We’re here to reveal you an active strategy that will force recruiters to answer you fast (and positively), so you don’t have to suffer in uncertainty for months....
100% satisfied or your money back

What you will learn in this online course:

 Module #1: Resume Masterclass 

Pass automatic banking screens with ease and confidence 

  • Cut through resume screening algorithms and IB screens by putting critical skill-based keywords on your resume
  • Get a perfectly “bankable” CV even if you have no financial experience by using the power of reframing
  • ​Create impactful bullet points for a guaranteed strong impression on recruiters, even if you have very limited work experience
  • Use the optimal resume structure recommended by nearly all bulge-bracket recruiters
  • ​Rebrand yourself as a "target candidate", even if you don’t come from a target school and have limited experience
  • ​How to ethically use “CV peacocking” to stand out among thousands of competitors, and strike fascinating conversations at the beginning of your interviews
  • And much, much more...

 Module #2: Advanced Cold Emailing Strategies

Get an "unfair advantage" by gaining the support of influential industry insiders

  • ​Get exclusive access to the exact cold email sequences I’ve used to secure dozens of informational and formal interviews at top-tier investment banks (tested and refined on 75+ top-tier firms)
  • How to find and save the email addresses of hundreds of senior investment bankers 100% automatically in less than 20 minutes
  • ​3 tried-and-tested strategies to get access to the “hidden market” of finance (prestigious job offers that are not publicly available, and for which there is less competition)
  • ​Master the art of following up several times without bothering people, to maximize your response rate and land more interviews
  • And much more...

 Module #3: Networking Masterclass 

Land multiple interviews at the most prestigious investment banks and hedge funds 

  • ​Learn the industry’s most effective networking tactics, refined over 5+ years of trial and error
  • “Bypass” traditional recruiting processes and get your name on the list of “shortlisted candidates” consistently, using our tried-and-tested "Insider Referral System"
  • Learn exactly what to say to industry insiders to obtain dozens of referrals within days and land multiple interviews at leading investment banks
  • ​Quantitative networking strategy that never failed me in 4+ years of practice. 
  • ​Make your competition irrelevant and obtain “preferential treatment” from top-tier finance firms, by getting insider support from VPs, MDs and PMs
  • ​30+ intelligent questions to ask during networking calls to be immediately perceived as a high-potential, “target” candidate
  • And much more...
100% satisfied or your money back

My gift to you:

With all this strategic knowledge in your hands, I can guarantee that you already have everything you need to storm the financial industry with confidence, and get the dream Investment Banking role you're looking for in no time. 

But I'm not going to stop there...

To make your life even easier, and help you propel your finance career to the next level, I'm going to give you access to three bonuses for free! 

Here's what I'm offering you on top of all the five core modules of the main programme:

 Bonus #1: 24/7 Personal Help Line

Ask us anything, at any time, and our team will answer any of your questions or concern

  • ​Whether you have a question on recruiting processes, networking, CV, or on interview preparation, our team will take the time to understand your unique problem, and give you a detailed, personal answer via email to solve your problem. You can reach out to us 24/7, and we'll do our best as to answer as fast as we can
  • ​We do 100% of the support. We chose not to outsource client support even if it would have made our lives easier. Many of us are investment banking professionals working full-time, but we take time out of our busy schedule to personally help candidates
  • Disclaimer: since we have limited support capacity, we have the right to limit the number of people who can enrol in the course at any given time to ensure that we can manage the volume of requests and continue to help our students as best as we can

 Bonus #2: Cover Letter Masterclass

Craft the best possible cover letter, by using a winning cover letter template

  • ​Craft the best possible cover letter to belong to the top 2% of candidates, using the exact same structure I have personally used to land interviews at Morgan Stanley, Evercore, Citadel, and many others
  • ​100% ready-to-use, proven cover letter template. You just have to fill in the blanks with your own experiences

 Bonus #3: List of 300+ Top Investment Banks & Investment Firms Worldwide

Save time by knowing exactly where to apply

  • ​​High-quality list of top financial firms handpicked by industry professionals
  • ​100 top investment banks and elite boutiques
  • ​61 premier private equity firms
  • ​63 world-class hedge funds
  • ​88 leading asset management funds
100% satisfied or your money back

So, here is what you are about to get:

You get immediate access to:

  • Our complete online programme comprising 3 core modules (and 3 bonuses).
  • ​All modules presented in optimized PDF format, readable on every device. 
  • Premium client support via email to answer any questions you may have.
  • Immediate access to the entire course, available 24/7.
  • ​3-month money back guarantee. No questions asked.
100% satisfied or your money back

 Here is what our students have to say about the course.

Summer Internship offer at Credit Suisse

"Coming from a non-target school, I’ve always struggled to get interviews at the top banks. I’ve found the networking and cold emailing modules very helpful in solving that problem: I got 5 interviews within 3 weeks after starting the programme, and ended up accepting a Summer Internship offer in macro research at Credit Suisse. Thanks for all the help."

James T.

M&A Analyst Intern at TMT Investment Banking Boutique

“I landed my first internship in M&A at a top boutique in London. All other candidates had a background way superior to mine, and I had never been through any interview process before. I can't stress enough how this programme helped me secure this internship. Thank you!”

Guillaume C.

M&A Internship at Baird

"After three weeks of applications using the referral system, I secured an internship in M&A at Baird. Extremely grateful for the help. I will continue to use this strategy to find job opportunities moving forward."

Anonymous candidate

Off-Cycle Analyst at Capital Group

“This guide was tremendously helpful. I learned so much in this guide that I really wish I discovered it before. I’ve been struggling to get interviews for months, and just by applying a few networking tips provided in the third module, I managed to land 4 interviews at major investment funds in only one week!”

Adrien D.

100% satisfied or your money back

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Summary of the course content:

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  • Module #1: Resume Masterclass (Value: £47)
  • Module #2: Advanced Cold Emailing Strategies (Value: £75)
  • Module #3: Networking Masterclass (Value: £75)
  • ​Bonus #1: 24/7 Personal Help Line (Offered)
  • ​​Bonus #2: Cover Letter Masterclass (Offered)
  • ​Bonus #3:  List of 300+ Top Investment Banks & Investment Firms Worldwide (Offered)

Total Value: £197

Get immediate and lifetime access to the full programme for...


Gain access to the full course and the three bonus modules today.

3-month money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Where our students work:

You are either 100% satisfied with the results you get, or you get your cash back. No questions asked.

Now, if you're like most people, you may wonder: 

Is this programme going to work for me? What if I'm not getting the results that I'm hoping for, even after applying all the tactics contained in this programme?

I understand your concerns, because I was exactly in your shoes not so long ago. That's why I'm willing to protect the investment of all my students with a 3-month Money-Back Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with this programme within 3 months, or if you feel that this programme is not for you after consideration, just send us an email at and we will give you a full refund. 

No questions asked. Either you succeed or we refund you, it's that simple.  

The only reason why I can afford to give you this guarantee is because I have absolute confidence in the quality of outcomes this programme can bring you (provided of course that you apply it seriously).
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Once you sign up, here’s what happens:

  • By clicking on the  button "Join the course today" below, you will be redirected to a secured order page protected by SSL to enter your details. Once your details have been submitted, you will immediately receive a link via email to log in to the course's member's area.
  • ​In your member area, you will have access to all modules of the course, the 264+ pages of insider advice on CV building, cold emailing, networking, and much more…
  • ​This is arguably the most comprehensive and result-oriented investment banking course to land interviews you'll ever find
  • You’ll also get access to our 24/7 support line, which you can use to get help from our support team at any time during the week. 
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Hear more from the success of our customers:

"I recently received a Summer Internship offer at Credit Suisse IBD in London" [...] "This is one of the best investments I have ever made."
"I ended up accepting an M&A off-cycle internship offer at Barclays even though I had zero experience in finance beforehand, and despite coming from a non-target university."
"I have landed 3 internship offers, including 2 summer analyst spots in IBD in London (BNP Paribas and Deutsche Bank)."
100% satisfied or your money back

Now, you have two choices:

You can of course choose to ignore the opportunity than I'm lending you.  

You can try to figure out the maze of investment banking recruiting by yourself, and hope to be among the top 2% of bright candidates that make it to the offer. 

If you decide to go your own way, I wish you the best of luck. 


You could get your hands on the most radically honest, result-oriented networking guide on the market to start getting multiple investment banking interviews at the world's best investment banks this month.

I'm not saying that our course is a magic bullet. The truth is, in life, we can never guarantee success 100%. 

But if you follow our advice carefully, there's no reason you can't land a Summer Internship, Graduate role, or Off-Cycle position at a prestigious bulge-bracket investment bank this year. 

Regardless of your current background, school, and experiences.

In life, the best thing we can do is doing everything in our power to increase our chances of success, so that we can look back on our life with no regret

I made my choice a long time ago by following the advice of my mentor. Now it's your turn to make your choice. 

100% satisfied or your money back

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 Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of investment banking are covered in this programme? For who is it exactly?
This programme is designed for students who aspire to work in investment banking, regardless of their specific division of interest (e.g. Leveraged Finance, M&A, DCM, ECM, Global Markets, Equity Research, etc.).

So whether you're looking for an internship or job in M&A at a major investment bank, or an Equity Research role at a small broker in London, you will find what you're looking for in this very comprehensive programme. 

The techniques and strategies that are used to obtain interviews are applicable to all areas of finance. 
I am not based in the UK. Is this program appropriate for me?
This programme is specifically designed to help you get a first-class spot in  Investment Banking, regardless of where you are based. We have already helped hundreds of students over more than 17 different countries, including but not limited to: France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, India and many others. 

The majority of our students do not come from the UK, and are typically very keen to receive insider advice to break into this highly selective industry. The techniques and strategies presented in this programme work for every type of company, and are suitable for nearly every country. So whether you're looking to secure a job in London, Paris, Tokyo, or Bangalore, rest assured that this course will help you accomplish your goal.
My circumstances are unique. How can I be sure this program is fully suitable for me?
We have helped and continue to help students from a very wide range of backgrounds. Many of them didn't have the type of profile you would typically expect to see in high finance, but managed to break into the industry nonetheless.

Based on our experience, this program will be of extremely high value to you if: 

1) You are very interested in getting first-class experience in Investment Banking to start your investing career on the best possible foot; 

2) You are not entirely sure if you want to work in Investment Banking, but you would like to acquire some high-quality experience to discover this field and see if you enjoy it. You also think that in case you don't enjoy it, you could still leverage this quality experience to move to other attractive fields of finance (e.g. Venture Capital, Investor Relations, Fund Raising, etc); 

3) You are already convinced that Investment Banking is made for you, and your goal is to secure a full-time offer at a prestigious investment bank as fast as possible.

If you can see yourself in any of these descriptions, then you'll find this program extremely useful. 
How does the guarantee work? Are there any conditions to be eligible for the guarantee?
We offer a 3-month money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the programme within 3 months, just send us an email and we'll refund you every penny. The only thing you have to do if you want your money back is to send us an email stating your request, and we'll proceed with a full refund within 48 hours. No questions asked. 
100% satisfied or your money back

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3-Month Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the programme, just send us an email at and we will refund you every penny, no questions asked.

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